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TicketsNY.com Deals offers a unique sales method of daily deals at a significant discounted price. Our customers are offered and exposed to your services through a variety of social internet platforms and marketing techniques

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It is better than good, it is amazing! Before you are a number of obvious advantages for your business:

  • Advertising and free exposure: the details of your business and products/services are being advertised on main page of TicketsNY.com and greatly exposed at no cost.
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  • Broaden your clientele: The deal of the day that you offer will bring you a variety of new clients who will return after learning about your business and product/service
  • Zero risks: If there is no sale ,  there will be no losses to you.
  • Ranked high: It is clear that our interest is to represent businesses with good quality products/services; hence you are with a good company.
  • Expand sales: you get to enjoy the opportunity of offering additional products/services as well as receiving new customers  to those who have financial means and are eager to try something new.

Why do business with us?

  • Daily exposure to thousands of customers: Only at TicketsNY.com will you receive daily exposure to thousands of customers directly and indirectly through e-mail marketing campaigns and social media resources
  • Advertising ourselves, advertising you: TicketsNY.com will promote your business in an unprecedented way through all kinds of advertising campaigns. Our huge customer database is going to immensely increase your business exposure.

So now that you have a clear understanding of who we are and how much your business can profit from this venture, you only need to fill out the following forms. One of our representative will contact you. 


At TicketsNY.com, we are focused on creating opportunities for you to enjoy and share every minute of life with your friends and family at a reasonable price.

TicketsNY.comm guarantees paying customers to businesses! Our subscribers and visitors are not looking for "the perfect deal." They're looking for the perfect excuse to try something new at a great price. The average TicketsNY.com customer spends 60 percent more than the value of the TicketsNY.com when they visit your establishement.

TicketsNY.com is a Live Social Marketing specialist company that helps businesses grow, and reach a new customer base through an easy to use online platform and radio advertisement.

We love saving money and know you do too! We try to find the BEST price deals on the BEST services and products. To get these deals, we run a strict selection policy when choosing business partners to do deals with to ensure YOU, the customer always walks away with a BIG satisfied smile from the deal.

We are determined to grow businesses of all kinds, helping them to connect with new customers to give the opportunity for a long-term customer to be created, while the customer enjoys a great price